Shillong Teer Result: 23-12-2024 Result Live

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What is Shillong Teer? Do you need to check the cutting-edge shillong teer outcomes? These days, the Khasi Hill archery sports affiliation released the Shillong teer outcomes for 1st and second rounds on its legit website. Shillong teer is one of the exceptional lottery games related to archery recreation. It is played in Meghalaya country best.

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Shillong Teer Result Today Live 23-12-2024

First Round 3:37 PMSecond Round 4:38 PM

What is Shillong TEER?

More than just a lottery, Shillong TEER is a cultural spectacle. Archers, known as treis, shoot 50 arrows at a 120-ft-tall target made of straw. The number of arrows piercing the target determines the winning result for two daily rounds – morning and evening. This unique blend of skill and chance makes Shillong TEER a thrilling game unlike any other.

Decoding the Results

Shillong TEER results are announced daily, except Sundays, in two stages – the First Round at 4:00 PM and the Second Round at 5:00 PM. These results, two-digit numbers between 01 and 99, are the crux of the game. Understanding how to interpret them is key to claiming your potential winnings.

Winning Strategies

There are numerous ways to play Shillong TEER, each with its own set of odds and rewards. Popular methods include:

  • Forecasting: Analyze past results and trends to predict the winning numbers.
  • House & Ending: Predict the last two digits of the winning number.
  • Hit Numbers: Choose specific numbers you believe will be hit by the arrows.
  • Dream Numbers: Base your choices on lucky numbers or significant dreams.

Finding the Results

The official website of the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association,, is the most reliable source for Shillong TEER results. Additionally, numerous news websites and apps provide real-time updates and analysis.

Disclaimer: Shillong TEER is a legally operated lottery game in Meghalaya, India. However, playing lotteries involves financial risk and should be done responsibly. This article is for informational purposes only and does not promote or encourage gambling.

FAQ on Shillong Teer Result

What are the rules for teer?

Fifty archers are allowed in the game to shoot 30 arrows each at the target of fifty meters away. Whilst arrows are counted, the Shillong teer outcomes of the day are declared by using the crew. The result is usually declared in u002du002d digit numbers that hit the target. Players can effortlessly purchase tickets to participate in Shillong Teer.

How to play Shillong Teer online?

Shillong teer typically involves having a bet on particular numbers primarily based on the outcomes of archery activities. 5. Look forward to the effects: shillong teer effects are commonly based totally on the wide variety of arrows shot at some stage in specific archery rounds. The effects are announced on a selected agenda.

Sure, it is a prison to play Shillong teer in India. It’s far played beneath the teer affiliation’s policies that make certain compliance with rules and authorities rules. It has a felony framework that ensures an obvious and honest gaming environment for gamers inside the country

Can You play Shillong TEER online?

Sure, it is feasible with the intention to play Shillong teer online. You can use the official website or apps as a convenient platform to play this lottery recreation online.

What time is the result of the Shillong Teer?

The Shillong teer lottery consequences are announced at the authentic website, If you are waiting for the outcomes, you could check the professional website between four pm and five pm to see the fortunate numbers for the first and 2nd rounds.

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